Author: Alison


The Black Spot

The Black Spot The writing was on the wall, and my fate was sealed. All because of that black spot in my heart… From the outside, everything looked perfect. I was educated, had a...


Growing up – With the Lord

When I became a Christian, I had no idea that I would still be growing in the faith more than 20 years later. Though the ‘baby Christian’ phase came to an end at some point, thank God (it was crazy), I have since noted that the Christian walk is a lifelong learning program.


Serving God – His Way

What works better – serving God our way, or His way? Is there any difference? We all assume that serving God is simple – that all we need to do is find something we...

A Different Kind of Weapon 0

A Different Kind of Weapon

This world can be quite unforgiving. We do our best to live as Christians, yet we fall ill, our loved ones die, we lose our jobs, our children go wayward, etc. why do these...