God Gave Me A Special Gift, And Only He Knows Why!

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  1. Joyce says:

    Thanks for sharing. Two of my close friends have kids with Autism. It is a journey 24/7 with lots of challenges, however, God is able. My friends are very spiritual & prayerful. I see God open doors for them that are just amazing.

  2. Beth Maina says:

    An inspiring article, keep encouraging parents, motherhood is a gift and so is all children regardless of their abilities..

  3. Jayne says:

    Alison. God is good at all times and works in ways we can not tell. He prepared me to raise one. I was a trained accountant but felt a need to change careers when I gave birth to my first born. Everyone expected me to do primary teaching but I went ahead to choose early childhood with special needs.and then much later God placed a dyslexic child in my hands. It’s not easy despite years of experience. Every child is unique and paths are quite different, what worked with another child does not always work with another. It’s plainly hard buy God will give us courage,energy and love to pull through. Am a happy parent and wouldn’t exchange my child for any other for what God gave was purposed and well thought .

  4. Alex says:

    Great encouragement Alison, keep it up.

  5. Rose Kainda says:

    This is a great piece – real life, real faith! Alison, what comes into my heart after reading this articles are two scriptures: Ephesians 2;10 and Joshua 1:5-8. We are all God’s masterpieces, His own craftsmanship – And so is your little one. Thank God for the gift He has placed in your hands. May God’s courage, strength, wisdom and all that it takes to nurture and guide your little one be upon you. Amen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    God knew why He gave you especial child.He know that you are special and only your heart can handle s special child

  7. Liz Njoki says:

    Wow! ‘Wonderfully complex’, . Thank you for opening your heart and sharing. I may not have a special needs child but my ‘special’ is different. Thank you for putting out this scripture in s way that encourages one to turn to God in new faith, new strength and new courage. Shalom.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice read alison

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice read Alison. I have an autistic son and let me say that it’s not easy. Thanks for this inspiration!!

  10. lyz odindo says:

    thanx so much. i have an autistic son, its quite a steep mountain, with God we shall reach the top. thanx for the encouragement

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