Depression 101 for Christians

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4 Responses

  1. Ruth kabaara says:

    Great encouraging thoughts Alison. May the Lord continue to guide you.

  2. Peter says:

    its quite encouranging… You should have known that many of those who knew you in college and possibly at your place of work held you in very high esteem. I particularly admired your neat handwritting and would not have wanted you to see how poor mine was. Thus, I doubt that your purported depression at college had any justification in the first place: I dont think there was any serious cause and there might have been a clear opportunity to evade the problem at onset. Personally I wonder how people who may find themselves in depresions caused severe hardships like Job’s get themselves out of the mire triamphantly. And, those of them who get themselves depressed to their graves, where do they go wrong

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