God’s Standards for Me

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  1. Faith says:

    This such a great and inspiring post Alison!! I agree with everything you just wrote about. Yesterday I said to somebody, we have become so comfortable and somewhat proud and spoiled because you hear many people say “God is on my side” and yesterday I said, God doesn’t need to be on our side when He can make a new born praise Him and rocks. We as humans MUST be on His side through right standing. To have an easy right standing with Him, we need to accept Christ as our Lord and savior, through Him be made righteous, build our Faith by hearing the word of God, realizing how far God has brought us and what we would be like without Him and just simply surrendering to Him as you say and totally trusting Him while obeying out of Gratitude for His patience, love and kindness. I feel like if you go through Christ it is so easy though challenging to revere and obey God out of love and gratitude rather than doing something to get something out of it. Very nice post I like it!!!

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