My One-on-One with God

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  1. Marakech says:

    I have been 8yrs in waiting for some major issue to turn around in my life. Therefore I’ll be upbeat in the morning and pray like it’s the end of the world then I’ll be in the dumps in the afternoon and I’ll mourn throughout my prayer session.

    I do cycles of repenting after throwing a tantrum then back to throwing a tantrum again then repenting.

    Yet in those 8yrs I have seen tremendous changes in my family out of my prayers, people turning their lives to Christ a major major achievement, jobs for loved ones, safe births for loved ones, healing from sicknesses. I have personally grown so much literally from glory to glory in my spiritual life, I no longer struggle with obedience, I hear God with a lot of clarity, God never lets me be caught by surprise He’ll tell me of what is on the way in a dream, vision, audible voice or a knowing in the spirit.

    I hope to have that breakthrough I covet this year.

    • Alison says:

      May God grant you your deepest desires. As you wait on him, may he give you the grace and strength to continue to trust in him.

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