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  1. Wow! What lessons to learn from the almost insignificant ant! May God help us to change our perspective about responsibility.

  1. July 24, 2017

    […] There is good news, though. As parents, God gives you the task of bringing up these kids in his ways and preparing them for the rough life out there. Working together with your spouse to achieve this goal will grow your relationship. Kids have a way of making us view life differently, and teaching us how to think beyond ourselves. Invest in them while they’re still in your house, as you create time for yourselves in between the mad rush. Yes, children do change everything in a marriage, but for the better! Couples, attend those premarital classes – they are crucial. Remember, though, that if something happens in your marriage that you weren’t told about in class, God will help you to handle it. Rely on him for the success of your marriage. All the best! Missed last week’s reflection? Here it is –Am I confident I will leave a legacy Intereted in another topic? Life Lessons from the Ant […]

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